Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 52

I did 40:11 for 2.50:

1 @ 2.5
3 @ 3
1 @ 3.5
30 @ 4
3 @ 3.5
1 @ 3 - 2.5
1 @ 2 - 1.5

I am getting frustrated as I feel like I am losing all the endurance I had gained a couple of weeks ago. Heat, dentist visits and other things have made it increasingly difficult to keep up with my runs. I was easily able to run 45 minutes now I can barely do 30! Yesterday morning I had a dentist appt which caused me major mouth pain so I was down for the count and did not do my long run. Too bad as it was very cool outside, today not so much and of course I attempted a long run. I will try again tomorrow.

I am also upset with myself as I was working out 6 days a week and now I am lucky if I do 4! Sigh...

Tomorrow, a long run and early!

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