Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 34 -- 25 minutes straight!

I did 34:06 for 2.14:

1 @ 3
1 @ 3.5
25 @ 4
2 @ 3.5
1 @ 3 - 2.5
1 @ 2 - 1.5

I did it! 25 minutes without slowing down! Woo hoo!! As I stated last time, I was going to subtract the distance that I walked (.28) in the beginning from the amount that I ran. I neglected to list how far I had gotten when the 25 minutes was up and looked at it when it was 2.01 but I had already begun my cool down walking for at least a minute...darn it! Well, all next week I run for 25 minutes so I have plenty of opportunity to check.

I did not work out yesterday but I did get in a nap. I sure needed it! My sleep is not getting any better nor is the effects that I thought were from the rice cakes so my energy level is....well...crap...umm sorry for the pun...

This weekend is the wedding in Westport. I am going to drive the race map so I can see it up close and that way my visualization will be more on point. I did have a dream about racing last night. I was running faster towards the finish line. I don't remember much more but felt good about it! To me it meant that I will be picking up my speed both in my regular running and during the race AND that I finish the race.

I did more research and it appears that the race starts at 10:00 and the awards ceremony is at 12:00. This means that I HAVE to run those 5 miles in two hours. This also means that if no other events take place after that, I could perform Andrea's wedding ceremony but if events do take place afterwards, then I may not. It will take me an hour to get home, another hour to get ready and I like to be there an hour early. Boy, it will be cutting it close...I should just decline to do the wedding but I feel bad. Nobody knows why, they are proud of me for doing this training without quitting and think that I should just think about the race and nothing else. OK, that last sentence just made the decision for me. I am not going to do it. I need my mind focused entirely on the race. Especially since I am only training for a 5K and will be running a 5 Mile. I will text her today. I just did and still feel terrible...sigh...

I have enountered another problem that I have been reading about...chafing on my inner thighs where my shorts should hit but they don't. So, while running I am making frantic efforts to yank my shorts down and they stay for oh, I don't know, 2 seconds and then they travel up. I may have to succumb to the spandex land that Dawn Dais wrote about in her fabulous book, The NonRunner's Marathon Guide for Women. I HIGHLY recommend the book. I am now reading her new one, The NonCyclist's Guide to the Century. Another good one. I just got to the part where she journals that she doesn't hate cycling. I am actually glad to read this as my son and husband are starting to ride and hopefully will stick with it!

When my husband gets home from his meeting, he is going to take my son and their bikes to Friends Landing to get in a bike ride. I told him that I would go and get in another workout since I missed yesterday.

Another thing I did yesterday was sit and watch an all day "Pitchmen" run on Discovery. So sad! It is just so hard to believe that someone so vibrant, Billy Mays, isn't around anymore. You know? I recorded the last show of the series and they replaced the last bit of the show with a tribute to him. I cried, I admit it. I think his death bothers me the most of all the deaths we have been hearing about.

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