Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 35 -- French Slam...bad!

I did 30:06 for 1.88:

1 @ 3
4 @ 3.5
5 @ 4.5
3 @ 3.5
5 @ 4.5
3 @ 3.5
2:30 @ 4.5 -- I pooped out here really badly!
2:30 @ 3
2 @ 3.5
1 @ 3 - 2.5
1 @ 2 - 1.5

OK, so note to self and anyone else, do not attempt a run a few hours after having a French Slam at Denny's! On my ‘off days’, I am trying to increase my speed but with that crappy breakfast in my belly, my body said, “ummm….no!” Normally this is my actual day off but I did not get this run in yesterday as my brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl and I was at the hospital for about 12 hours. She is perfect!!

So far, I have ran 57.7 miles. That's pretty freaking awesome to quote my son! I have also worked out for 16:36:26. This does not include the 54:12 and 40:00 of cross training activities that I have done. All of this since I started on 05/23/09!

I performed a wedding today on the docks in Westport for a great couple. I was worried that it was going to be too windy or cold as it had been for the two days I headed there to check it out. It was so pretty and did not start getting windy until we were finished. Great, great day!!

As soon as I can figure out how to put pics in my blogs, I will add some of my new niece to my other blog, with all the details.

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