Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 44 -- 5.1 miles!

Above are pics of my husband and son with their bikes and me running. I meant these to show up after the below text...oh well!

OK, I did it! I ran 5.1 miles in 1:05:29. I did take two stop breaks in between each time around though but who cares???? I RAN 5.1 miles. That is the longest I have done ever. Heck, the longest I did before was 2.75 miles. Granted, it was all at once with no break...also note that I did stop my timer when I took a break so the 1:05:29 is all run time. Apparently I run a 12:39 mile. As if!

My knee hates me right now and I have to admit that the bench at Friends Landing was looking really good the 3 times that I passed it and it was in the shade! Shade good, full sun...not so much!
Love, love, love the GU gel but it is VERY messy and sticky but it helped alot!

I must have ran through dozens of gnats flying about. It reminded me of my old soccer day...good times!

My husband rode about 6 miles and my son rode about 8. It was a good day!
I went to sign on to my Runners World Log and remember how aggravated I was that it had disappeared and how to recreate it? Well, it is back and the one that I recreated is all-gone-bye-bye. If I wasn't using it to see how fast my miles are and how far I have gone, I would figure something else to do. I know, I know, it's free and I shouldn't complain...

My son and I are going to sign up for the Seattle Marathon. Me for the half and him for the Kids. All he has to run while there is 1.2 miles which I can run with him. He does have to complete 25 miles beforehand and read 13 books. I think it will be fun!
Tomorrow I will be taking a break. Now, I need to shower and head into Aberdeen before Express Pros closes. See you Sunday!!

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