Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 42 -- another 30 minute run...woo hoo!

I did 39:39 for 2.65 (approx):

5 minutes brisk walking
30 minutes running
4:39 cool down walking

This one was a bit harder probably as it was warmer. I had my son with me again and that really does help! He told me that I was probably running at 5 mph and I was thrilled to hear it! I could tell at times that I was speeding up...open road and all that. I am running up and down two different streets and timed that it took me to do my brisk walking 4 minutes up and back on the road I live on and when I ran it it only took me 3:30. OK not much faster but heck I thought I was running slower than I was walking! I did notice that I was not smiling like a loon...bummer as that was a good feeling! Oh well!

Tomorrow I am going to speed training again but with shorter walk times in between AND then upper body and core work with My Fitness Coach on the Wii. See you then!

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