Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 37

I did 35:02 for 2.19:

1 @ 3
1 @ 3.5
25 @ 4
3 @ 3.5
1 @ 3 - 2.5
1 @ 2 - 1.5

OK, so even though I forgot to log when I stopped running, I did figure that at 3.5 I walk .5 of a mile and at 31 minutes I was at 2.01. So, this means that I started running my 25 minutes at .28 and stopped at 1.96 so I ran 1.68 at 4 mph. Yeesh, I definitely will need to increase my speed! I have skipped a couple of workouts this week but have done all my runs even though one was short so I will try to do some speed running tomorrow.

I should also note that I am EXTREMELY aggravated by the fact that when I signed onto my Runners World Log EVERYTHING I have entered so far is gone...erased...gahhhh!!! I will have to spend half a day entering it again because thank goodness I am blogging as well!! Sigh.....

I got nothing else since I am so aggravated...see you tomorrow!

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