Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 31 -- running outside

I should mention that I am only dating the days as the ones that I exercise. I did not name yesterday, my day off, as Day 31 because I didn't train. I wanted to clear that up as it looks like I have only been going 31 days but it has been a bit longer! =O)

I did 35:24 for 2 miles (purely speculation as I ran outside):

My run was 5 minutes brisk walking,
5 minute running,
3 minutes walking,
8 minutes running,
3 minutes walking,
5 minutes running,
6 minutes walking.

I kept asking my husband who was riding next to me how fast I was going as he has one of those GPS thingies for bikes and he was telling me 5.2 so I would slow down, then 4.8 after adjusting a bit I think I was going around 4 - 4.2 but I gave up asking him and just ran! My son was also riding with us but he is almost 13 and impatient so he was riding ahead.

I also do not know what my distance was. My husband thinks he has the ability to track that but is not sure how to get that going. He is a manual reader so he will have that figured out tonight!

Running outside is different! I didn't perspire as much...woo hoo...but I also was not able to accurately know how fast or how far and I got a few bug bites....blech...I am not much of an outside person anymore. Weird, I know, considering that I was born and raised in California but here in Washington state is different. The weather is more temperate and there are more bugs.

Therein lies the reason I will never do Survivor! My husband thinks I would do really well...does that mean I am manipulative or really good with people...but I will never do it because of the bugs and no water. Food schmood, but no water...heck, no!

Later we are heading out to Westport to check out locations on the dock for my bride whose wedding is next weekend.

See you tomorrow!!

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