Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 19

I did 30:08, 1.54 miles:

1 minute @ 2.5 mph
4 minutes @ 3 mph
5 minutes @ 3.5 mph
10 minutes @ 3 mph
5 minutes @ 3.5 mph
3 minutes @ 3 mph
1 minute @ 2.7 - 2.5 mph
1 minute @ 2 - 1.5 mph

I definitely pulled my ITB yesterday when stretching and aggravated it when I was putting a car seat stroller combo into my cart when at Wal-Mart but I couldn't not exercise....I would have felt totally guilty! I did take it easy. Tomorrow is my off day and we are heading to Olympia to do fun things!

I had to take my son to the doctor's office due to an ear infection and I asked his doc if he could start running as we are training for the 5 Mile race in Westport and he said yes. It turns out that he used to be an avid runner, including running multiple marathons and half marathons but gave it up when he moved to Aberdeen. He gave me some great tips and we chatted for a good 5 minutes about it....sorry to his other patients!

He told me he was thinking about starting up again and I told him that he should enter the 5 Mile race! I told him that, who knows, maybe I am the inspiration or catalyst that he needed. He would have to see his doctor to get a stress test as older runners encounter can encounter abnormal heart rhythms. He may be there, you never know, right?

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