Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 24

I did 30:14 for 1.73:

minute @ 2.5 mph
4 minutes @ 3 mph
3 minutes @ 4.1 mph
90 seconds @ 3 mph
5 minutes @ 4.1 mph
2 minutes 30 seconds @ 3 mph
3 minutes @ 4.1 mph
90 seconds @ 3 mph
5 minutes @ 4.1 mph
90 seconds @ 3 mph
1 minute @ 2.7 - 2.5 mph
1 minute @ 2 - 1.5 mph

I guess the honeymoon is over because although this one was only a tad harder than Tuesday's, I don't have the same "Go me!" attitude. It probably has something to do with yesterday being a bad day. I shall explain:

I took my son to the Y so I could get on the elliptical machine and he could swim with a few friends. My son's school backpack had fallen apart a bit before school ended so I let him borrow mine. This is what he brought with him to the Y with his running shorts and towel as he lost his swim trunks somewhere in his room. He also put in his backpack his brand new DSi. He decided to take the bus home so he could stay longer with his friends. I said OK and headed out to finish some shopping.

I went to pick up the girls from daycare. One of my niece's BDay was on Monday so the daycare lady got here one of those motorized glitter glue dispensers for her for her birthday...really, daycare people?? She's 8 with a 5 year old little sister. You have a nice vinyl floor with industrial tables that are very easy to clean. Me...I have carpet. So, I bring the girls home and she immediately sits down on my living room floor to create her art. I told her no way in hell was she doing it in the living room so to go into her room and keep it off the floor. I leave her room for 5 minutes, go back into her room and discover that she has finished one painting which is drying on the table in her room and now she has moved to the floor. Apparently both her and her sister have both managed to get this glitter glue on their fingers so they BOTH wiped their hands on the carpet to remove said glue from their fingers.....

My son calls and asks me when the bus runs. I told him to call his dad who works for transit. Dad is not answering so I call him and he tells me. I call my son back and tell when to get on the bus. Several phone calls later it is discovered that my son has managed to miss the bus or really didn't try to catch it...who knows...all I know that several of the drivers were on the lookout for him and were concerned when they didn't see him. I had to go pick him up. When I get there he is waiting for me with no backpack. I told him to go inside and get it but it turns out someone has stolen it. No morals in this society...thank goodness I grabbed his DSi from it before I left the first time. I just wish my son was more responsible!

A couple of other things happened that caused me to be upset which I shall not detail here. I just read what I wrote but I sound like a whiner...

Long story short...not...tomorrow I shall probably do some exercising using My Fitness Coach.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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