Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 16 with fried legs!

I did 31:05 and (I think 'cause I did an extra minute) 2.0 miles:

Because of that darn EA Sports Active frying my legs yesterday, I hit a wall on the second of the 3 minute runs...I also had to kill a spider that decided to watch me from above my head...freaked me out! It probably was attempting revenge as I saturated his brethren in my bathroom with hair spray about 10 minutes before. Hey, I don't mess with bugs on the outside, don't come in to MY inside and mess with me!!

1 minute @ 3 mph
4 minutes @ 3.5 mph
90 seconds @ 4.5 mph
90 seconds @ 3.5 mph -- here is where I saw the spider above my head
3 minutes @ 4.5 mph
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
90 seconds @ 4.5 mph
90 seconds @ 3.5 mph
90 seconds @ 4.5 mph -- here is where I hit my 'wall' and didn't do the 3 minutes
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
3 minutes 30 seconds @ 4 mph -- here is where I made up the 90 seconds
4 minutes @ 3.5 mph
1 minute @ 3.0 - 2.0 mph
1 minute @ 2.0 - 1.5 mph

Tomorrow I will definitely do something not so hard on my legs so I can do the correct schedule on Thursday!

Can I stress again how pissed I am at the EA Sports Active? I am definitely returning it on Saturday. After suffering through the bugs in the software and getting a little aggravated that there was no cool down or stretching after the work out, I did some research online and dozens, almost a hundred people, are as pissed as I am about how incomplete and faulty this game is. More people than I can count on two hands had the flex band break and the same and additional people had trouble with the strap not staying on the leg. This is not a problem I encountered but my son did have problem with the leg strap.

More people than my family has hands encountered the same problem with the software not recognizing movements. It was particularly stressful when I had to do some weird yoga move to have it recognize my left side lunges. The pause in between reps was waaaayyyy to long and I found her positive comments about how well I was doing when I clearly wasn't was really annoying! Major bugs in this software!

Another thing that my research found was that there are NO ab specific work and no stretching. Are you kidding me? You fry our entire body and there are no cool downs and no stretches?

I researched other Wii fitness games and know to never buy the Jillian Michaels software as no one seemed to be happy with it. So, thank you Game Stop guy for talking me out of it and shame on the same guy for talking me into putting the EA Sports Active on hold...well, maybe not shame as it wasn't out yet and he could not have known all the bugs were going to occur.

I think I will get the Wii Personal Fitness Coach as it has Flexibility as one of the options and seems to be a good compliment to the Wii Fit. Personally I don't see myself using the Wii Fit for most of it as I do not need to Hula Hoop. But, I haven't explored all of it yet other than to add to my Activity Log for my runs and walks.

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