Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 10, cross training with Turbo Jam

I did approximately 25ish minutes:

I did Turbo Jam's Learn and Burn. So, umm, OK, I have no coordination...but I will not give up. I was tempted but I know that if I just do it over and over I will get it. Crossing fingers...

I have a feeling that I will be doing the Learn and Burn portion for at least a week instead of the 2 times they recommend and then go to the 30 minutes. I felt goofy stepping and moving the wrong way!!

I only wish it was longer so I did the full 30 minutes of exercise.

My mother-in-law called with another health issue and is stressing me out! She even called during the last minutes of Turbo Jam and wondered why I was out of breath. When I told her that I was exercising, she kept talking! Sigh...

Tomorrow, I run.

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