Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 15 cross training with EA Sports Active

I did the Easy 30 minute workout on EA Sports Active. I was trying to avoid running altogether on my 'days off' but there were two quick runs in the workout so I faked it. I am supposed to be doing low or no impact exercises on the days that I am not running. I cannot believe how many lunges there were and how bad I need them!

Also the first exercise was dancing which confirms my belief that I have no coordination when it comes to these things...must be why I love running!! And that my good friends is exactly why I will be a runner embarrassing workouts in front of other people, just one foot in front of the other for a period of time...ahhh, peaceful bliss!

I almost want to do some more cardio as 'they' say you should do 30 minutes of cardio a day. I may walk later, we shall see!

The one thing that I do not like about the EA Sports Active is that there is no official cool down but a few seconds and no stretching which should be crucial when working these major muscle groups. If anyone has found them, let me know. Maybe I should jump onto the Wii Fit and do some yoga?

Tomorrow I run!!

P.S. I am proud of myself for doing all of the workouts when the going got touch...remember I was a major couch potato!

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