Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 14

I had Saturday as a workout day but we ended going up to Olympia to see Land of the Lost, buy EA Sports Active, buy a Nathan Speed 3R belt, walking shoes and socks at Big 5 for my husband, two running mags from Barnes & Noble and grocery shopping.

So, today, Sunday the 7th is my Day 14. I did 30:02 for 1.86:

1 minute @ 3 mph
4 minutes @ 3.5 mph
90 seconds @ 4.5 mph
90 seconds @ 3.5 mph
3 minutes @ 4.5 mph -- that's right, I ran for 3 minutes straight. Woo hoo!
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
90 seconds @ 4.5 mph
90 seconds @ 3.5 mph
3 minutes @ 4.5 mph -- I ran 3 minutes again!
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 4 mph
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
1 minute @ 3 - 2 mph
1 minute @ 2 - 1.5 mph

I have to admit that the last 30 seconds of the last 3 minutes, I thought I was going to yak. I looked to see how my much I had drank of my sports drink and it was not much at all so I must be pushing myself to that Big Brother throw up moment...

I am a little puzzled as to why if I ran more today, I went less of a distance...

I have this schedule written down and I originally had 2 more minutes of running but I didn't do it and retooled the schedule. On Tuesday, I am going to shoot for 2 more minutes of running!

I am really proud of myself! I also have to admit that the music during the last 3 minutes did not do much to distract me and what did was thinking that 4 times around a track is one mile, right? But is that the inside of the track or the outside? If it is the inside, then those that walk on the outside are actually putting in more mileage than the faster runners on the inside! My husband was behind me while I was typing this in and saying "not by much"...I told him to go away. It was what distracted me, I don't need exact distances...sigh...this is why we don't talk much...

Regarding the Nathan belt:
1. It is ridiculously expensive at $50 at South Sound Running
2. Yes, it has 3 bottles but they are only 7 oz (and plastic!). I drink 7 oz in a gulp...
3. I knew I would need it for the 5 Mile run
4. I bought this one for my son because my waist is too big for the small (not for very much longer, right? ) and that is all they had other than a large.

I was originally going to grab the one that goes around my wrist, but if I am planning on running outside, I will need a place for a key and my cell phone.

When I look at the schedule for training for a marathon, you do 45 minutes of RW and then approximately 4 hours later a 40 minute walk. I am wondering whether I should add another activity to only 2 of my 'running days' per recommendations from a few sources. I just bought EA Sports Active and they have some workouts I can do that as well as the Wii Fit which I already own. I have been reading that strength training is super important, especially upper body, to aid in running. The Wii Fit also has yoga which I could use for the stretching, right?

Tomorrow I will either walk the above schedule changing the 4.5 to 4 mph or an activity on one of the Wii games that is sustained for 30 minutes. See you then!!

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