Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 61 -- part 2


Day 61 -- part 2

I rode the recumbent bike 40:28 for 10.01: I went slower during this ride. I watched the last episode of Mental which was really good! I hope the series does not get cancelled!!

Tomorrow I hope to get a run in. I am going to use the Advanced Beginner Schedule for 10K race training as found on Christine Luff's site. I should have looked at the schedule as it has me only doing 30 min easy today with a day off tomorrow, then a 3 m run, CT, 2.5 m run at race pace, rest, then a 3 m run. What is race pace for me, though? 4.5? That is what I am running at now as it feels way better for my knees. Maybe I should do the Beginner schedule as I think race pace might be considered as a 10 minute mile which I am not doing. I am now at 13:40 so I would have to speed WAY up! Hmmmm...what to do, what to do?

I am using this schedule to get prepared for the 5 mile run in Portland. I was trying to talk some old friends into doing it and if they do, I would not be going at a 10 minute pace as we would, more than likely, run a bit, walk a bit, etc. Hmmmm....again!

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