Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 60 -- a run at the hotel...finally!


Day 60

I did 35:00 for 2.43:

1 @ 3.5
7:30 @ 4
2:30 @ 4.2
20 @ 4.5
1 @ 4.2
1 @ 4
1 @ 3.5 - 3
1 @ 2.5 - 1.5

This is my first run with my brand new shoes. I purchased the shoes at The Running Revolution. I learned that I do have normal arches but I overpronate (?), and that is the reason my knee has been bothering me. I tried on 3 or 4 different shoes, had my run video taped and analyzed and this was the best pair. They are a tad tighter and not so cushy but I do like them. The gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable and even helped my husband find a pair of shoes. He told my husband that he has been in the wrong sized shoes this whole time. My husband used to wear what he thought was his size, 10.5, but found out that he is a 11.5 wide!

I also learned that running at 4 mph is not so good for my knee either and that is why I ran faster after 8 minutes. I do think that the timing for the race is correct as it is way more comfy and natural for me to run faster. When I run slower it shortens my stride dramatically. I walk fast and with a huge stride so I need to run faster so it will increase my stride. My knee has never hurt after walking. Note to self: Do not run in front of a mirror! There is a mirror here and I was dismayed to see how all my fat was bubbling out the side of my sports bra and under my shorts...ewww!!!!

I noticed while trying on my shoes and was flexing my left calf that a bump popped out on my left leg so I should get that checked out. I will add that to my follow up appt on September 8th.

I was getting more and more disappointed in myself for not working out while at the hotel. For gosh sakes, I am paying more for this hotel because it has a workout room and pool and I didn't run until today, the last day. My son was not able to use the pool the first couple of days here as we were out until after the pool closed so the first 2 days, we could have stayed at some cheapy place. Oh well...

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