Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 53 part 2

I did 65:09 for 4.14:

1 @ 2.5
3 @ 3
1 @ 3.5
46 @ 4
9 @ 3.8
3 @ 3.5
1 @ 3 - 2.5
1 @ 2 - 1.5

The last 9 minutes of my run were the toughest as my knee HATED me! It still does and as soon as I am done recording this, I am heading to the freezer for an ice pack. But....hello....I did 4.14 miles!!! Woo hoo!!!

I know that I am supposed to taper back this week as the race is on Saturday but I was losing faith in myself being able to run for more than 30 minutes straight...heck I thought the 40 and 45 minutes straight were a fluke, but I DID IT!!!!!!!

With the exercise on the recumbent bike this morning and tonight's run, I did almost 2 hours of exercise. I need to because I feel like I am gaining weight again and I have to visit California in 2 weeks with clothes that don't quite fit so I need to lose 5 more pounds!

I am off to ice my knee and watch the Food Network Star finale, which I found out the winner ahead of time and I am thrilled!!! Go Melissa...golly wouldn't that be weird if all the spoilers were wrong?? I cannot wait to see her show. My only request is to please make it simple for us moms who have not had a chance to learn how to make a fabulous dough in France. Can anyone say, Crockpot cooking??

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