Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 55 -- a revelation

I did 1:10:01 for 4.5 (my watch says 3.98):

I walked the first 5, ran for 30, then walked the rest of the time as my race is on Friday.

I used my car to measure distance a couple of days ago and from the corner of my street to the turnoff to one of the schools is 2.5 miles. Well, according to my watch which tracks mileage, it was not. Granted I did accidentally hit the stop button twice so I actually walked longer so I put that I went 4.5.

I have to tell you my thoughts about running and exercising in general after 55 days of it for the last couple of months and two days before the race:

I notice no, ZERO, increase in energy. Let me say that again, ZERO INCREASE IN ENERGY.

I do not sleep better. As a matter of fact, I was/am an insomniac. I found pills that help me sleep a bit longer which, coincidentally, marked my decline in energy and motivation (around mid-July) and an increase in weight so I am going off those ASAP.

I have noticed no, ZERO, difference in my body. My husband and son say they do, but, please, can you believe them. Seriously? They know their roles...say yes when mom asks if she looks like she lost weight. Say no when mom asks if these jeans make her butt look fat.

Speaking of jeans...I am still squeezing my fat ass (or rather flat ass) in to my size 10 jeans...still...

Running has NOT given me a bit of a butt, does not make my calves look fantastic in heels, does not make my quads pop when I pose, given me a 1 pack, much less a 6-pack, set of abs...nothing...NOTHING!

With regards to a runners high...there is no such thing, but there is a runners wall. I get no burst of energy after running for any amount of time. I think I may have before I started these last set of pills for sleep.

I finished the Couch-to-5K plan and still can barely run for 30 minutes straight without feeling like crap. Yes, you do see on other posts that I have done that I have gone 40-50 minutes straight but it was a struggle and pure hell.

Right now with my woe is me attitude, I will NOT continue to run after this race unless some miracle happens during the race. However, I might get a cheap bike and cycle.

So, my apologies to those of you that were hoping to hear how fabulous exercise is from me. I remember when my friend and hair stylist asked me if I felt like I had more energy and I told her no, she looked devastated. I felt bad, but it is the absolute truth. I told her that I did not want to dissuade her from exercising but she was bummed for sure. Sorry, Erin!

I will post about the race on Saturday. See you then!!

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