Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 56 -- Run 4 The Light Race!

This was the day of the race. I ran 5 miles in 1:08:56.
Here is how my standing is showing on the Run 4 the Light pdf document:

89 Rooke‐Meyer Shauna F 41 3F:40‐44 82

I ran the entire time and placed 3rd in my age category of 40-44! Woo hoo! Not only that, I won a long sleeved running shirt! It was part of a raffle and he held it. I immediately said, "Oh, I want that" and then 1 second later they called my number (82). How cool is that???

Here's what happened:

I got 1/2 hour of sleep last night after getting only about 1/2 hour of sleep the night before so I was not in the most positive, cheery mood when I was getting ready. My husband and son were tired and not in the best of moods either so I really was not looking forward to the race.

When we got there, I had to wait just a few minutes until I could register. When I did, I got the number 82. 8 + 2 = 10 which happens to be MY number so I was considering it to be a good sign. Not that I was going to win because I really thought I was going to be the last place person, but that I would enjoy myself.

I met a very nice couple from British Columbia who were very positive and had very good energy. As a matter of fact, this was her second race. They were very pleasant to talk to and were talking me off the bridge in a matter of speaking because I was still Miss Woe Is Me. So, to them, thanks so much! (Sadly, I got no pics of them)

We all lined up and they gave us our instructions. My husband and son were going to be riding their bikes keeping pace with me and occasionally riding ahead to take pictures. I knew, because of what I had read, that I needed to start towards the middle or back as I have a slower pace. Problem is, all the other slow people obviously did not read the same books or websites as me, because when the race started I was having to weave and bob around multiple strollers and walkers. Oh well, not such a big deal. I also knew to not start off too fast as I would poop myself out too soon and would probably end up walking the last half of it so the obstacle course that was the beginning of the race, worked to my advantage.

As we neared 1/4 mile, I was putting a piece of tissue back in my Nathan belt and was looking down as I did it and ran right over a cone. Which henceforth, will be named The Cone Incident. Not only did I kick the cone, I did it in such a fashion that it flipped over, and I stepped INSIDE of it. Sigh...this after only 1/4 mile. Got my husband and me giggling, though.

I also was initially running next to someone who was power walking faster than I run. I told her it was fabulous that she could do that! Unfortunately, a very nice relationship ended quickly when she sprinted ahead because my husband and son were arguing...again (my husband is not a very nice easy going person when he does not sleep) and I asked them to please not ruin this for me and she was off like a bullet!

I pretty much kept a slow and steady pace for most of the race. Judging by my watch, I think it was between 3.82 and 4.25 mph. I initially thought I would be able to run for the first 3 miles, walk/run the rest especially after encountering a small hill that I had not encountered in my training. I remember saying to someone, "They said there were no hills!"

Around 1 1/2 miles

Around 2.5 to 3 miles done!

I cannot say enough about how grateful that I am to my son and husband for making the trip with me and racing with me. They were so positive and were giving me the motivation that I needed to run this race. I kept a slow enough pace that I was talking to them throughout and it was nice. Often times when training with my son, I had been so miserable that I didn't want to talk to him or anyone as I was so focused.

Sadly, again, my husband took all the pics so I do not have any of him with my son or me. :(
I did notice that, even though I did look at my watch occasionally, I was not stressed about it. I just kept going with the flow. I remember when I was passing 57 minutes, I really knew that I could run the entire race! After mile 3, I said that I wanted to run the whole race but to know deep down that I was really going to was a major power boost.

The weather was perfect! It did not rain, was very overcast so I did not have to worry about the sun and overheating. The view was wonderful! I got to run by the beach for a bit and I made myself LOOK instead of being too focused. My husband got some pics of the view as well.

Mile 4!!

When we got off the trail, we hit one end of the street that led the last 3 -4 blocks of the race. I told my son that I was going to run faster for the last bit of it and when I got to 2 blocks to go, I really picked up the pace. Did I sprint? Nope, I have not trained for that and did not want to tire myself out so I went about 2 mph faster than what my race pace was. The lady called out, "Keep it up number 82, you are almost there!" I knew to tear off the bottom part of my bib so I had that in my hand when I ran through the finish line. What a great feeling!!!

13 seconds before I finished!

I did it and I am smiling!!

My race time was 1:08:56 and I thought I probably was one of the first 50 to cross....ummm, no...I was 89th. That did crush me for a bit as I really don't remember that many people in front of me! I thought there were that many BEHIND me! I think there were about 125 racers. When I watched the rest finish, it did occur to me that I was, in fact, one of the last runners...sigh...oh well. I am gosh darned proud of myself for running the WHOLE time and finishing!! The winner completed the race in 27 minutes and the fastest woman ran it in 33 minutes. Yee ha!

We waited until 12 noon for the raffle to start and a few people were still coming in. The gentleman running the raffle, held up a red long sleeved running shirt and I immediately said, "Oh, I want that" and then 1 second later they called my number (82)!!!! I let out a loud gasp that had people cheering for me. How exciting!

The raffle continued on for another 10 minutes and then they took a break to tabulate the winners. My son had already figured out that based on the red oval stickers that signified my age class, I was going to place 3rd. I thought I counted one more ahead of me, but went back and confirmed that I had placed 3rd. My son immediately burst my bubble by telling me that there were only 3 of us in my age group but I got over it really quickly as I realized that, not only is this my first race...that I ran the entire time for...that I finished...won a shirt...I was going to get a ribbon...seriously, soooooo cool for me!!!

The woman from BC that I met in the beginning also placed 3rd in her age class and she didn't even realize it until her husband had to convince her of it. How cool for her!!
(Still sad that I didn't get a pic of her!)

Wow, what a great day! Obviously, I no longer hate running (OK, OK for today...=O} ) and plan to keep this up. There is a 5-Miler which is part of the Portland Marathon, which will be held on October 4, 2009 and I am now going to train for that. My only job, beat my time! The next race after that I would like to do is a half-marathon so I will need to increase endurance for that as well but after I pick up my pace. According to my Runners World Log, my pace is 13:48. How cool is that? I thought it was in the 16 minute category.

OK, I am beat and really want to shower. As I stated earlier in this blog, I will be adding pictures to this post and may have more to add. OK, I have added the pics and it took FOREVER to do!!

Thanks so much for reading!

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